Chemical Castration

Well my only real issue lately is my OCD. It’s real real hard (No Pun intended) to Not want to masturbate or Push the fantacies out of my head. I can’t masturbate because of the meds anyway. Chemical Castration so to speak. You might i would be sad or upset by that. Honestly No I couldn’t be happier about that part of my life. It sure makes it easier to push the fantacies aside and eases the compulsion to masturbate or wash my hands every 5 minutes. Because I equate the fantacies with dirty hands.

-Brent Brents 3-13-2013

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  1. Jacques

    Castration is not all that bad, there are some bad and some sides. I’m not a sex criminal but I’ve used anti androgen for 8 years. I can’t produce testosterone any more.

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