A Relationship of Trust

Note from Amy: Someone asked me the other day if Brent Brents had trusted me from the very beginning.

In a word, no.

Here’s a letter he sent me early on in our correspondence, excerpted from the true-crime book, Diary of a Predator: A Memoir:

April 6, 2005
Hi, It’s me . . . I have to tell you that every reporter so
far has tried to either bribe me, manipulate me, Make me
out to be a monster. Every one has only showed Thier greed,
selfishness, bitterness and hatred. Amy I don’t care if your
a greedy self centered bitch. What I do care about is This.
I am going to put me, my story Into your hands . . . I am
going to tell you my story truthfuly and I hope you will not
screw me over in the Long run like every woman I’ve ever
felt I could trust has . . . If your sincere then you’ll know That
we have to develop a sincere trust. A Relationship of Trust
. . . I am sure you have an opinion and probably some deep
feelings about what I did. If you would please tell me what
you think and feel about me and all the stuff I have done. Get
This Amy, The truth please no matter how harsh or painful
it may sound . . . You’ve been pretty superficial so far . . .
Show me the real you and show me I can trust your heart
and I’ll give you my story . . . Sencerely wanting to believe.

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