if he was raised with a better family?

This message arrived today to this website, Diary of a Predator, after the Investigation Discovery episode regarding serial rapist Brent Brents and my coverage of his case apparently aired in South America:

Greetings Ms. Herdy,

My name is Eddie, I am from Costa Rica. I want to say first that you are my idol, how you don´t give up and keep looking the truth. Is very important what you did because you saw a human being with problems not a monster.

I want to ask you one question do you believe that Brent´s life could be different if he was raised with a better family?

He was not born with problems and dark wishes–a result of his breeding?

Thank you so much for your time, my best wishes in your life.

Dear Eddie,

Thank you for writing, and for your kind words.

I will tell you what Brent Brents has often told me: Had he been removed from the home and not horrifically abused for years,  he believes he would have turned out very differently.  And that’s not to avoid his responsibility. He absolutely made the choices to inflict the great harm that he did. That being said, his behavior mirrored what was done to him.

Also, there are multiple accounts that indicate his father was a psychopath, and research has shown that a psychopath’s brain is different from brains that are considered “normal,” so it is possible he inherited a genetic predisposition toward a lack of empathy and impulse control. Plus, he suffered brain damage at the hands of his father.

Of course, we will never know–but I do think that had Brent Brents been raised in a loving environment, and not systematically abused, he would have had a much greater chance to become a healthy, productive person. I like to think there’s hope for every child, and he was a child once.

Thanks for writing.


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3 responses to “if he was raised with a better family?

  1. Eddie

    Thanks to you Ms. Herdy, and I will take that in mind, you are right there’s hope for every child.

    My best wishes always in your life, keep looking the true.

    Sincerely, Eddie Escobar.

  2. Susie

    Ronnie Brents was my Mother’s brother. Brent is my cousin. My sister was a victim of my Uncle..she was 7 yrs old. The abuse my cousin suffered is true. My Mother never forgave her brother what he done to Brent and my sister was BRUTAL! MY SISTER HAD NIGHTMARES UNTIL SHE PASSED LAST YEAR. I LOVE YOU JOY LYNN.

  3. Susie

    He should have been raised by his Aunt my Mother when she found out in Arizona what he did. Authorities were called but they fled from Arizona. My Mothers brother should have been behind bars. I would like to write Brent if Amy would email me his address. Thanks.

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