a 10 year old boy turned Manson overnight

My father put me in the hospital a couple of times. ONCE very serious damage was done. I got beaten and berated for Multiple ficticious and real reasons. The beatings in the early years were often drug and alcohol fueled rages. In later years he was just full of rage and didn’t need really any excuse.

Most of my families friends were predatory and i was abused by some of them to. I came to think sex by force was ok and that it was ok to screw younger kids than me. I knew deep down it probably wasn’t. It sure as hell didn’t feel right when it was happening to me. Yet i learned there was power in it. And once i did it was a way for me to escape my own shitty existence. It was as if a 10 year old boy turned Manson overnight.

I ended up in juvie Very early so i found myself being victim to bigger stronger youth. So i naturaly victimized those smaller than me. A trend i would continue throughout my life.
Brent Brents 8-10-11


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