Was His Father Also Abused?

After I asked the question, Is Being a Sociopath a Choice? in the previous blog, I received the following question to this website  about serial rapist Brent Brents:

Do you know his father’s history? Was he also a victim of abuse? It’s an interesting subject. I once heard that a majority of hard core criminals had fetal alcohol poisoning.


The answer: I have a limited amount of information regarding Brent Brent’s father’s history.  According to Brent, his father told him once that he had been sexually as well as physically abused as a child.

Brent’s half sister, Shelley, who was removed from the home after her father (the same man, a different marriage) abused her and her younger brother, David, says she gathered family history from two aunts who told her that severe abuse on her father’s side had begun generations before.

I’m inclined to believe he was abused, and that it contributed to his taking out his rage upon his children. If you know anything about patterns, you know they often repeat themselves.  A sad legacy.

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