a Rapist endorsing a self defense style

Oh have you ever heard of KRAV MAGA? It’s a self defense class taught all over the country. You should see if you can find out if it has websites so you can put a link to them. So women can learn some self Defense techniques. I like this better than most because it’s a No bullshit style of self defense training. Remember i once told you the first 30 seconds of an attack were crucial for the woman or child to cause as much pain as possible or raise an alarm to others. KRAV Maga is great at teaching women to do this.

I know how ironic a Rapist endorsing a self defense style. the Sad thing in all of this, is that even with the classes most women will be surprised with an initial violent blow or controlling choke hold that causes panic and they will forget what they were taught. I say fight like you’ve Never had to fight. Spill the attackers blood, scratch, kick, bite. But above all don’t panic. Panic is Next to committing Mental suicide.

There are Attackers who are intent on Killing their victims, it sucks but it’s what they do. There are the ones who panic when the victim panics and Kill to regain control of the situation, the victim and themselves. There are the attackers who accidentally Kill the victims. Then there are those with psycological or physical agendas.

All dangerous. But i have been in enough therapy groups to know Panic is Most likely to cause an attacker to panic.

-Brent Brents 11-27-11

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