stopping myself from hurting others

I think that my honesty sometimes disarms peoples true thoughts and feelings about what i  have done. I’ve definitely changed from then to now but we both know sadly that i only see one way out of prison or stopping myself from hurting others. It would be easy to say i wouldn’t hurt others out there. But we both know how volitile my mood swings are.

-Brent Brents 10-29-11

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  1. shelly Brents

    Brent my name is Shelly Rena Brents i am the child of a monster as you know. We have the same father. I think we have a choice in life i choose not to be a product of my gentics.You made a choice to become what you are. We all have a past we must deal with. Some of us talk or cry and some of us Brents relive the crimes that were done to us on others. you made a choice.

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