like a bucket of chum just got dumped into a shark tank

You know there are places inmates can write for pen pals. So these guys get these lists of women from these places. And man it’s like a bucket of chum just got dumped into a shark tank. Ok lets do simple reality. 2.2 million inmates in the U.S. 2 million are male. These pen pal companions have i’d guess lets say generously 100,000 women seeking pen pals. 45 % are female inmates seeking “free” men or women for the same reason the men are. Money. So now we have 55,000 women remaining. About 35,000 of them are baby boomers and older seniors who are seeking “free” men as well for companionship. Another 10,000 are from other countries seeking men for marriage and legal entry into the US. So now we have 10,000 women for 2.2 million men. You can eliminate about 5,000 of them because they cannot receive correspondence from inmates. 5,000 left. Now about 250,000 men cannot receive correspondence from inmates. 1,750,000 left.

750,000 or more are content with current relationships. 1 million left. About 250,000 can’t afford to get the addresses 750,000 left. Another 250,000 don’t really care to use the services. 500,000. And About half of that 500,000 have other reasons for not using the service. So 250,000 men vying for 5,000 women Money Love and attention. That is 50 letters 50 men on average a woman gets. And you can bet the ones who are broke, idiots and most often in prison as well get thrown in the trash. And just as the women are picky, 99% of the men who write for these women’s addresses are seeking those things $$$, sex and visits.

So yes i am very amused because 250,000 inmates in the US, not to mention the 100,000 worldwide are competing for these 5,000 women. And in the end it will be Joe Schmoe who isn’t in prison who ends up with the girl. At least until a richer or better looking Joe Schmoe comes along. And the inmates will all still be desparately seeking Susans. I use Susans rather than bitches, hos, cunts, sugar mamas, moneybags pump and dums, Fat girls Bank bed and bye byes, etc. And don’t get me wrong i would offer an honest guess that there are close to two or three million women who fall prey to these shit heads. I know guys who have four or five women at a time on the hook as they say. It is sad but true.

Brent Brents, 12-23-10 9:50 p.m.

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