We were literaly dying

You and i Amy we are unique. Two very very different human beings. Yet so similar. Driven to figure out this thing that has affected us both. Five years ago we were stalking people. You for the scoop. Me for the release. 24/7 seeking to obey that adrenaline master. What No one gets is that we were so weary. Sleep deprived, Mentaly and emotionaly spent, unhealthy both physicaly and mentaly. We were literaly dying. In this strange self promoted way. Being Predatory is exhausting. Boo hoo! Many would say. But they don’t get that it becomes an addiction that eats at your very soul. Killing you and everything you love or want to. It eats at your brain. In one way or another you Neglect everything and everyone. And are too far gone to realize it or know how to stop. Capture death or miraculas intervention are the only way to stop. What a sad way to live ones life.

Brent Brents 12-1 10 2:23 A.M

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