“Let him rot where he belongs”

A reader writes:

A close friend of mine was assaulted by this creature, you call him human and not an animal. We’re all primal animals in human form, affected by our civilizing process and our own emotional/intellectual choices. Nothing you’ve posted here by him is original, lots of previous books etc. published trying to “understand” violent predators. I resent that your efforts give him a forum, whether you intend it or not. We’re nearing the anniversary month for many of his Denver victims, and I suspect your motives for bringing out your book at this time. What if we just let him rot where he belongs, with no websites about him, no one making money from him (no matter where it gets donated), no one caring what happens to him, as he clearly did not care what he did to children and women.

First and last time I’ll view your website.

I’m very sorry for the pain that Brents has caused your friend, as well as his other victims, and those who care for them. And I understand why you disagree about his humanity.

You need to know that I have no “motive” regarding the timing of the publishing of my book about this case. It was actually scheduled to be published by December 1, and then due to circumstances beyond my control which included difficulties in converting the files electronically, as well as then an emergency issue with my elderly parents, it was delayed.

The e-book version should finish uploading soon, and that process evolved at its own pace with no one manipulating the timing. But the print edition will not be published for another three to four months.

I’m aware that February is a wrenching month for many because of Brents, and I’m also aware that there are those he hurt whose painful anniversaries fall on different days of the year, all year.

The book is a dual memoir, and it covers my story more than his–which is the journey of my growing realization of how we in the media often lose sight of our best selves in the desperate competition for stories. Toward that end, I feel it’s an important story worth sharing.

I wish you peace.

–Amy Herdy

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