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i agree with Amy. Heated discussion is better than no discussion at all. Yet insulting people’s integrity just because you hate me and the things i have done, or disagree with Amy’s or anyone else’s opinions thoughts or feelings on this site. This is counterproductive to what we are all trying to do, trying to achieve.

By all means express your feelings, your thoughts and your opinions. If your outraged this is the place for you to express it civily. And when you have done so, don’t just sign off. Add your ideas of how to “prevent” children from being abused, how to help victims not become offenders. How to help or integrate sex offenders back into society or not do so. If you have a safe service to offer victims or people in need of healing then speak up.

No idea, plan or thought is too ridiculous. Ridiculous is Not speaking up, Not taking a risk, Not doing something to change what we all know to be the root causes of predatory behaviors.

By all means have feelings, emotions, Thoughts, ideas and opinions. They don’t have to be popular, comfortable or “mainstream” to be valuable. Believe me being proactive sure feels a hell of a lot better than wallowing in bitterness, hatred, fear, insecurity and negativity. And who knows people. The combined efforts of all of you could help and save one or many from suffering the savage ugliness of sexual abuses, or maybe keep one victim from becoming a predator.

If we take sides, draw lines in the sand we help no one. And that is a sad commentary on all of us.

-Brent Brents

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