A response to reader comments

To the readers:

I want to sincerely thank you for visiting the site. And for those who have taken the time to leave a comment-I’m extremely grateful for your input. And I want you to know that we (the webmaster guru and I) are posting every comment so far, both positive and negative. These issues are far too important to ignore, so heated discussion is better than no discussion at all.

To answer the question of, Were Brents’ parents ever charged? -According to the few records on this I’ve been able to find so far, his father was arrested on abuse and neglect charges, but the case was dropped-I don’t know why; there was no reason stated. His mother, as far as I know, was never arrested or charged.

To the woman who is concerned that Brents is lying about a childhood of abuse in order to manipulate me-thank you for your concern.  Please know I have copies of medical and psychological records that document physical, sexual and emotional abuse done to Brents by his parents during his childhood, and I obtained these documents from the Denver Public Defender’s office after Brents signed a HIPPA release form.

To the woman who strongly disagrees with the premise of this project and believes I am using it to further my career–I understand that these topics bring up strong emotions and reactions. Thank you for sharing yours. And if I were not already solidly confident in the work I’ve done over the years, I would never be able to do this project. In other words, it’s been my career so far that has led me to this case, not the other way around.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to respond to the women like Jessica and Alethea, who are survivors of unthinkable pain. I am amazed and awed by your ability to stay at the table, so to speak, with a topic that must be a wrenching one for you. Thank you for reaching out to try to help the rest of us understand your process of healing, because it’s inspiring. Your perspective is invaluable, and I admire your bravery.

-Amy  Herdy

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