Diary of a Predator featured on Investigation Discovery

The story of Brent Brents and Amy Herdy was featured as the subject of an episode of “On the Case with Paula Zahn” on the Investigation Discovery Channel June 27. Check local listings to see when the episode will air again and learn more about the Diary of a Predator project.

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One response to “Diary of a Predator featured on Investigation Discovery

  1. Fay Wedlund

    I just watched this story on “On the case with Paula Zahn”. I was trying to keep an open mind as to your portion of this story, but quite frankly I found it disturbing and offensive. I almost never comment on stories like this but that bothered me enough to post a comment. Seems everyone today has an abuse excuse or a twinkie defense. There are plenty of unfortunate souls on the face of this earth who are abused and do not go on to hurt others like he has. Have you ever read “A Boy called It”? I don’t believe that man went onto rape or kill. Some people just simply are .. what they are. There are millions and millions of people on this earth and we all have some type of disfunction, you and me included. Physical,mental,emotional..I’m sick and tired of the labels and the excuses. He apparently has a reasonably intelligent,functioning mind. He at least at the end of that interview admitted that he would hurt again if released. I was thankfully not a victim, but I stand with them. It’s people like you in this case that perpetuate this growing idea abuse victims who harm others should be “treated” instead of be held “responsible”. This is standard practice for defense attornies in court. If you can’t attack the victim, or the police or the forensics…then its some type of abuse excuse. I’m so glad he has 3 hots and a cot,medical and psychological attention that we all pay for, and a friend to boot. I wonder who’s paying the medical bills for the victims or any psychological help they may need for what he did to them.. oh! that’s right they are.

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