Letter from Brents

Letter from Brents:

I would like to make something clear. I feel i have an obligation to the future victims of abuse.

Many of you will argue that it isn’t possible to create a violent predator. To you i say get real. Look around you. If you think that sexual predators are the only predators in our society you are wrong. Watch an hour of your local news and i guarantee you’ll see at least one violent offender or predatory individual. But the sexual predators are the ones who scare you and enrage you the most. Every ones answer is Kill us or lock us Away forever. Thats all well and good. But somewhere, somehow there needs to be a breakthrough in How to interupt the growth of violent predatory individuals, be they rapists, child molesters, abusers of women and children or murderers. Not to mention pimps and drug dealers. Two of the overlooked sexual deviants: pimps and drug dealers.

I am sorry if some of you feel i am trying to use the media to further hurt you or your loved ones. Nothing could be further from the truth. I simply choose to give every effort to help find a prevention to any type of abuse.

As i said i am truly sorry if i hurt you or you feel it is my intention to do so. I sincerely hope that in some way you will see that i can serve the greater good by speaking out. And if you can find it within you to channel your anger and rage at me into a positive place, Please do. Speak out against violence, sexual or otherwise. Donate to womens shelters, rape crisis centers. Help in any way you can. But don’t just let your hatred of myself and others like me lead you blindly. I don’t ask this on my own behalf or any offenders behalf. I ask this in the name of healing and prevention for those who have suffered the horrors myself and others have and will subject people to.

I do all i do with the media because i feel it is my obligation to serve a greater good, while i serve my sentence for that which i have done.

–Brent; June 4, 2010

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