Not much to hope for

Today’s been pretty quiet. My neighbor is still being a child. It is to bad i have to put up with him but i can. He’s not as smart as he thinks he is. Even as out of shape as i am my skill set is nothing he could ever compete with. It’s that old wolf vs. coyote thing.

I was thinking about my future today. It’s pretty bleak. But now that we have at least accomplished this much i am happy. For me its probably not going to end well but i think that doing the right thing for the future kids is worth it. I don’t see myself as a martyr, nor do I think this will make up for my lifes cruel works. It’s not some odd attempt to gain favor in anyone’s eyes or to make myself look good. I just hope that we can make a difference Amy. It’s not to much to hope for.

–Brent Brents, 4-10-10 900/p.m.

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