“Smile Amy”

Sometimes a mans past is a regret that will kill him. That child (one of his victims) unlike any of the others drives me to do good. Even if it costs me my life. I know i can’t stop all the evil or hate or abuse. But with your help Amy we can do at least a little to change the world. I can Never forgive myself. I can only hope that when my time comes it will bring a peace to all those i hurt.

I can never thank you enough for standing with me. To help someone heal or avoid the kind of troubles i have known in my life is all i can hope for. To keep one woman or child from being abused is more than All i have done in my whole life. And Amy i am glad i will always see their eyes. Justice in its real form.Well have a good day more later. Smile Amy.

Brent Brents – Jan. 11, 2010

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