By Brent Brents


Aspire to be

Inspire another to be

Desire to be

We will

Be kind to someone

Care for someone

Respect someone

And they will

Wish for

Have Hope for

Dream for

It will

Think of someone

Listen to someone

talk to someone

So they will


Be Charitable


Others will

Love others

Love yourself

be loved

It is our will. BB 1-18-09

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One response to “Will

  1. VPMcConnell

    A close friend of mine was assaulted by this creature, you call him human and not an animal. We’re all primal animals in human form, affected by our civilizing process and our own emotional/intellectual choices. Nothing you’ve posted here by him is original, lots of previous books etc. published trying to “understand” violent predators. I resent that your efforts give him a forum, whether you intend it or not. We’re nearing the anniversary month for many of his Denver victims, and I suspect your motives for bringing out your book at this time. What if we just let him rot where he belongs, with no websites about him, no one making money from him (no matter where it gets donated), no one caring what happens to him, as he clearly did not care what he did to children and women.

    First and last time I’ll view your website.
    VPMcConnell / Denver, CO

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