A story

By Brent Brents

As A Child I set out on a journey, never sure what it was I was searching for. I came across an oger and his mate. They ate my childs inner self. Consumed his ennocense. I was Lost, but as Alone and tortured as I was I could go nowhere else for I was but only a child. Soon I became like the oger. Primal and feral. Seeking flesh day and night. Hunting souls to replace my own Lost soul. Thinking my Journey had come to an end, but not realizing It had only Just begun. I began to hear a voice, A whisper. It is out there closer than you know.

I rode with dragons, fought with devils. I raped pillaged and plundered the lives of the ennocent. I Robbed from the Rich and took from the poor. And still my soul was Lost. I ate the hearts of virgin maidens, bedded down easy women and Ladies of the night. I derived pleasure from enflicting pain and torture upon women and children. And still I Was only a child.

I was capture by the king’s men. Thrown into the darkest regions of the dungeon. I Lived with beasts of men, heard tales of woe. I Learned to survive by the sword and shank, poison and pen. I used by guards and my keepers. I ate the souls of my fellow prisoners. And still I was Lost.

One day the King released me, and I heard the voice; It is closer than ever, you only have to seek it out. And so once again I set off on my Journey. I came across the ogers mate, Still she stirred her poison brew of denial and seduction. But I was stronger now I did not fear her any Longer. So I moved on. The Sun was bright and hurt my eyes. I again found myself eating souls by the shadows of night. And still I was Lost.

Do Some thing good with your Life. How asks the child for I am still as one with him. What he thinks I think, what he sees I see. What he does I do. How Can I Live as an oger and do good. I need to die.

Before she could stop herself she grabbed the child No child you must never wish to die. Yes the oger is part of you but you child are stronger There is a greater good in you. Promise me child you’ll never kill yourself. You can still do good. Promise. She hugged the child fearcely. What are you doing maiden? the people and the Kings screamed in unison. As the maiden Looked at the people and the kings, They had the Faces of ogers and children. In a bucket of water at her feet the maiden SAW her own Reflection. Staring back at her was an oger and a child.

And I was found.

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