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that same apologetic teary eyed act

So i kept a close watch on the Stubenville Ohio Rape case where the two high school football players raped that girl. I’m glad the judge found them guilty. Shamed that he only gave them one year in juvee. The one Kid got all teary eyed and broke down apologizing. But it wasn’t out of empathy for the young girl. It was for him realizing he had just lost all that was good for him. It was selfish. I know because i have given that same apologetic teary eyed act before. It was selfish.

It’s to bad he doesn’t get empathy. It’s taken me a lifetime to realize the power that people with empathy have. They are often seen as week but the truth is they are the strong. I am getting there. But i was that boy with the tears and choking sobs. They are touching. But I like him, I was only  just realizing how bad i screwed up and what the consequences meant for me.

-Brent Brents 3-19-13

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