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A Mother Who Lost Her Daughter to Rape Searches for Answers

How awful to know that your daughter was raped, and that her attacker was someone she was supposed to trust.

Now imagine being told that after all she had endured, your daughter killed herself, and you’ll know what Suzie is going through.

Suzie contacted me after reading a blog I posted to this website about The Invisible War,  a gripping documentary about the crisis of sexual assaults within the U.S. military. I’m interviewed in the film because of my work covering the issue, primarily the series I coauthored at the Denver Post about sexual assault and domestic violence in the U.S. military called “Betrayal in the Ranks.”

But back to Suzie–here’s part of what she said:

“My daughter was sexually assaulted 3 times in her 3 and a half years in the Army. Twice on American soil, once during her year being deployed in Afghanistan. It culminated in her taking her own life after being told she was bi-polar or borderline personality disorder… She said they wanted to get rid of her and not the rapist. Please help me find truth for all of these men and women whom have had to endure what our own HOMELAND SECURITY could have prevented!!!! God Bless!! I AM NOT FINISHED WITH THIS!”

Her tragic story drives home this point: Whether a rapist is stalking women on the streets of Denver or within his own military unit, we’re enabling him as long as we allow our systems to put victims through hell for reporting their assaults.


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The Invisible War: There is strength in numbers

I’m on the email list for the folks who made the outstanding documentary, “The Invisible War,” a film about the crisis of sexual assaults within the U.S. military. I’m interviewed in the film because of my work covering the issue, primarily the series I coauthored at the Denver Post called “Betrayal in the Ranks.”

And right now, I’m hopeful, because it seems like this time, real change is going to happen, not just the empty promises we heard after our series ran. So please, read the email below from Invisible War director Kirby Dick and producer Amy Ziering, and take a moment to be a part of this movement. There’s real momentum now–so don’t let it die.



“On Monday,  President Obama issued a statement declaring he was going to work to end the epidemic of sexual assaults within our Armed Forces.   As you know, since our film premiered at Sundance in January, we have had several strategic screenings for key policymakers and legislators in Washington.  In response to the resounding outcry that these viewings have  provoked, we are honored and humbled that today the issue managed to get the attention of our Commander and Chief.

But there is still much more that needs to be done to protect our troops.  As our film conclusively shows, the vast majority of sexual assaults in the military are committed by a small minority of service members who are serial perpetrators who carefully select, stalk, and assault their victims again and again.  The DoD needs to initiate a proactive strategy to go after these “enemies within.”
Help us make sure this happens:
  • Tweet this now: We applaud @BarackObama @whitehouse – stand up for truth & justice, change “Zero Tolerance” from rhetoric 2 reality. #Military #NotInvisible
  • Share this link with five friends – encourage them to watch the trailer, Follow us on Twitter and use the #NotInvisible hashtag in Tweets, and join the conversation on Facebook: http://www.invisiblewarmovie.com/eflier/ 
  • Pass this email on and ask friends and family to take action and tell the President that we applaud his statement, but will be here to keep holding the Administration accountable
Clearly our campaign is working and the more the President sees that the public appreciates his taking a stand on this issue, the more he will feel the pressure to ensure changes are enforced.
There is strength in numbers — you are the key to helping us affect the much needed and long overdue change that we all want to see.
So start tweeting!”
Amy, Kirby & The Invisible War Team


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