the cost of testing those rape kits. No one holds 5K walks or car washes

Note from Amy:

This excerpt is from a letter sent by Brent Brents in August, shortly after news stories began focusing on the tens of thousands of untested rape kits that exist at police departments around the country.

OK get to the point Right. So lets take the most obvious killer in the world. Cancer. When someone gets cancer these days, they can often have a team of people assembled to help them.

The same could be said for the victim of sexual assault. But we come to the cost of testing those rape kits. No one holds 5K walks or car washes, or charity auctions to raise money for the testing of these kits past and present. Theres no Dave Thomas to leave a portion of his estate to victims of sexual assault.

So I’m asking people to step to the plate. First off go to your local city, county or state authorities and find out how many Rape test kits are stored untested. Find out the cost to test the kits. Hold 5K survivors walks, sexual assault survivors charity auctions, bake sales, car washes. Seek Donations….and whatever these Events generate in money give it to your city, county, and state authorities. Make it specificaly for the testing of those kits.

Sexual assault always carries a stigma of shame and there are neandrathal thinking people. This is 2015 the world is not stuck in endless cycle of ignorance. Rape is not a victims fault in any way. But the world is still only paying lip service.

Kill a Lion, a whale, fight Dogs and there are millions who fight their battle. Someone gets assaulted and there is only the judicial system, which, let’s be realistic is only going thru the motions. The police and prosecutors No matter how caring and sincere, are Limited by barbareck and outdated laws, Limited funds, and authorities who often are burned out.

Please People….please run with it.

-Brent Brents 8-18-15

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