I will have some entertainment this summer

We have these 100 ft Light towers here. Well any way they put this huge 8 ft by 8 ft metal platform at the very top of it. Esential hoping that they could entice a young male hawk. Ok we attract a hawk 1st time nest builder obviously. he was hauling logs up to that damn platform. Shit was falling off this side and that. And then this week he went and found himself a lady. She Immediately started cleaning house throwing all kinds of shit out of the nest Literaly taking it down to the studs. Then they went to Lowes or Home Depot, Bed bath and beyond and rebuilt the whole kit and kabotle. That took them 3 days. Yesterday they got their first groove thing on I’m Not so sure it was groovy for her. Poor girl. So New wife is alone around noon time today and wouldn’t ya know Soncho comes right on over and gets his groove thing on. Well New hubby comes home. Drops his bundle of new lumber and commences to kickin Sonchos ass in an areal assault. Which Soncho Kept coming back for more until about 5:30 when hubby Literaly ran Soncho a ground. Hubby immediately got his groove thing on and went off for Dinner. Tonights menu was raskaly ribbit. Hubby doesn’t know how to kill said Dinner so as soon as he drops the rabbit it hops up and over the side of the nest. Obviously Rabbits dead or paralized. Which made it easier for hubby to fly down and retreve.

Anyway around sunset they were cozied up beside each on the edge of the nest. So I will have some entertainment this summer.

-Brent Brents 4-9-15

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