Help Stop Military Sexual Assault: Call Your Senator Right Now

Want to help stop rape? Then pick up your phone after you read this and call your senator.

I’m on the email list for director Kirby Dick and producer Amy Ziering, the creators of the outstanding documentary, “The Invisible War,” a film about the crisis of sexual assaults within the U.S. military. I’m interviewed in the film because of my work covering the issue, primarily the series I coauthored at the Denver Post called “Betrayal in the Ranks.”

Right now, the Invisible War team need your help. Please read the message below and then make the call. Help end hell.

From Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering:

This is it. Game time. The moment we’ve all been working towards.

Forty-nine people are raped each day with zero prosecutions; it is not conscionable. We can no longer stand idly by.

As soon as next week, #NotInvisible champion Senator Kirsten Gillibrand will be reintroducing the Military Justice Improvement Act (MJIA) as an amendment to next year’s military budget. This single piece of legislation could be a categorical game changer — as it places the reporting and prosecution of assault crimes into the hands of impartial adjudicators.

With this system in place, our service members will finally feel safe reporting these crimes — and perpetrators will stand a better chance of getting caught and punished. Our service members sacrifice so much to defend our rights. Isn’t it time we defended theirs?

Please call your senators today and urge them to support the Military Justice Improvement Act: 1.888.907.6886

A bipartisan coalition of 47 Senators has come together in support of the MJIA, but because of a threatened filibuster, the measure needs 60 votes to pass — not just 51.

Will you help us get to 60 votes? Call your senators TODAY and urge them to support the Military Justice Improvement Act. Call 1.888.907.6886 to contact your senators now and let them know it’s time to create an unbiased system for military justice.

It’s time to pass the MJIA. We’re so close. Please call today and forward this to others!

Together, we can do this! Together, we are #NotInvisible.

Amy and Kirby

PS: We want to hear from you too! Let us know how your call went and what your senators said by sending an email to

You can click here to see if your senators have already signed on to the MJIA.

If they have, thank them. Remind them why it’s so important to you that they support the MJIA. If they haven’t, call 1.888.907.6886 as soon as possible to urge them to add their name.

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