let reality slip away

Note from Amy: The “Predator sound” Brent Brents mentions in this next post refers to the sounds made by the aliens in the 1987 movie “Predator” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Well as you Know Nothing Comes easy in here. But i am managing to keep my Sanity somehow. I have to let the creepy giggles come forth now and again. Do funny mouth noises. Hell i tried all last week to get the Predator sound down, unsuccessfully.

I see so many of these guys literaly go insane. They stop having the ability to reason reality between lies and truths. Drugs violence and hatreds fester like puss in an infected wound. I’m Not Superior to any one. I’m just one of the lucky few who have support. And to smart to screw it up. One has to have people outside, if you don’t or you screw it up you become lonely and it gets really easy to let reality slip away.

Brent Brents 6-24-12

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