troubled children turning into psychopathic adults

A reader sent the following comment to this website today in response to the post “Can You Nip a Budding Psychopath in the Bud?”–regarding the story recently published in The New York Times Magazine about children being diagnosed as psychopaths:

I saw this article about psychopathic children and did not have an opportunity to read it until your link to it. It is quite the article and am glad I was able to read it.

As I read through the comments I noted that, as I myself thought, many did not agree that there would be no support for a mother of a psychopathic child. I thought that was a very interesting conclusion by the author.

Thanks again Amy for pointing out information in regard to troubled children turning into psychopathic adults and what is being learned to try to help them and maybe prevent more children from turning into psychopaths.


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