like a cat sees the lame mouse: predatory instinct

You ever see someone at a stoplight and wonder what is their life like. I still watch people you know. Listen to their petty complaints and insults about coworkers one day and play buddy buddy with them on another. I see the ones who are insecure, uncomfortable in their own skin. The ones who genuinely fear us. Others who think this job is all about who has the power. The ones who are just here for their eight hours and some overtime if they can get it.

It’s sad to see them. Not because of who they are or even the condition of their lives. But because i still see them like a cat sees the lame mouse. It’s predatory instinct so deeply embeded in me, it makes me sick about myself. I want to do it. Not to do as i used to, but honestly i get bored and i get a kick out of reading people.

Inmates are easy and i hear them and observe their actions 24/7. But all the others I have limited enteractions with. I may catch only little thirty second snippets of conversations. But i read people, only now it’s for amuzement. Some of it is for self preservation.

Brent Brents 4-15-12

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