the Big Q

Note from Amy: This was in regard to my asking Brent if he’d be willing to help a neuro scientist understand how his brain works.

I think any opportunity to help now and in the future should be explored with an open mind.

Everyone wants to know the Big Q: Why?

A Million can ask why and do nothing. 10 can ask why and find an answer. But if the million would try to find the answer, we’d sure get there one hell of alot quicker.

Brent Brents 2-10-12   1/30 A.M.

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  1. Natasha

    I don’t think the answer lies solely in biology; we are all products of our culture (both our family environments and larger society), and yes some people may be more pre-disposed to violence than others, but the stage has to be set which requires neglect and/or abuse for the violence to be triggered. When governments so easily wage wars in the name of the myth of patriotism, when domestic violence is continually ignored by police and teachers, it’s no wonder people act like Brent Brents did. I’m sure that if tests are done on Brent Brent’s brain problems will be found, but they most certainly won’t be the *root* of why he did what he did.

    Thank you for keeping this dialogue going, your book planted a long-term thinking seed in me and many others.


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