the child of a monster

It’s not often that I’m floored by a comment to this website. But I was stunned by this one, addressed to Brent from a woman who identified herself as Shelley:

” i am the child of a monster as you know. We have the same father. I think we have a choice in life i choose not to be a product of my genetics.You made a choice to become what you are. We all have a past we must deal with. Some of us talk or cry and some of us Brents relive the crimes that were done to us on others. you made a choice.”

I emailed Shelley, and she emailed back, and then we talked on the phone–and yes, she is legit–she is Brent Brent’s half sister.    And I told her that I agree with her, and that Brent has said the same on many occasions–that he made his choices.

As for Shelley–she is an amazing person–resilient, smart, and kind. She has her own story to tell, and it’s horrifying and it’s tragic, but she survived. I’ll let Shelley decide what she wants to share. The bottom line is, she chose a different life, and didn’t let its beginning define her.

It’s heartening to me that people like Shelley exist.


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