Ellen’s courage

Note from Amy: Brent is referring here to a woman featured in the book whose daughter was killed by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel.

I think when she’s scared for me it’s harder than usual because of what she went thru with Mary. I Never thought or hoped i could replace Mary. All i really wanted was to help a hurting human being. That hasn’t always been easy. Yet in my effort to help her i some how found this awesome example of a plain simple spiritual person. She’s taught me so much about being humble and forgiving people. I’ve No idea how she stood in a court room before a judge, and asked him to be leaniant (spelling) on the man who Killed her Child. I think of all the Courageous Things a human being can do. And Seriously That tops my list. I’ve fought five men at once, faced another man in a knife fight. Made meth and pipe bombs. And none of that required the pure human courage it took her to befriend That Man and help win his freedom after he killed her daughter. That’s an awesome example of human goodness, spiritual faith and just plain Wow!

She’s taught me that faith is More than a persistant belief in a God we can’t see or touch. But a state of know that in the end, Good will win out.

Brent Brents

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