Trying to believe

I used to think the bible just a stupid book with a B.S. story. Even now i May be a realist and doubt the way things happened in some of the stories. But i believe in the principle of faith hope and love it teaches. They are not easy concepts For an angry, selfish, embittered, and hateful man/child to grasp. But when one does, No Matter what their faith, Life really does get better. I know what the rest of my life behind bars will be like. Whether it’s behind a cell door or on a yard it’s the same. It’s a place for bitter, angry, hateful, selfish, men/children. From person to person. Prison to prison. State to state. Faces and names will change. But This world never does. So All i can do is keep my faith hope and love. And Let it sustain this me.

Brent Brents 1-5-11   7:00 A.M.


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2 responses to “Trying to believe

  1. shelley renee springer

    Brent, you dont know me but i’m sure you heard of me and my brother David growing up, we are Ronnie and holly’s kids we also had a hard life. I am so sorry to hear of what happened to you and Brandy and i am so sorry as to what you became. David and i also suffered horridly but somewhere along the way i made a choice to be above it all and to make myself a better person. I know dad was a troubled human to put it lightly but i feel you had a choice just as all of do. I hope you have found your Peace

  2. Patricia Goodwine

    I pray for and forgive you as well, because I believe God has told me that is the right thing to do for my soul as well as for yours. One day, your pain will either be gone or doubled. Heaven or Hell. From now on, that is in your hands, and I hope that you are not just blowing smoke up our behinds. I hope you finally get the peace you have been looking for. The child in you deserves it.

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