His sister’s perspective

Brents’ sister sent a comment to Diary of a Predator this week. Brents was given the opportunity to respond.

As the sister of brent. Who was raised by the same mother and father! i want everyone to know that Brents records of his life are just as dillusional as he must have been when he commited these acts. Nothing went so horably wrong with me when i was a kid to make me PHYSCO!!! I have a very normal life. and never hurt any animals,humansor kids i have the same blood running through my veins. amd was raised by the very same people he was. So my comment is that
1 consider the source when analizing the story
2 supposed bad childhood or not “YOU AND ONLY YOU ARE RESPONSABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS!!!!!!

Brents’ response:

[She’s] right-whatever happened to me as a kid is no excuse. I made my choices. I knew what I was doing. And it wasn’t the sex. It was what the act of rape does to another human being’s soul, because I was hurting in my own way. I didn’t know how to live out there. And after that–there was almost no chance of me ever caring about decency. I spent my whole life searching for love, comfort–and I found it in a fucked- up way…

I chose to do the things I did because I was addicted to the power that came with that kind of behavior. I was using it to cope with my insecurities and inability to cope with life.

Once I stopped worrying about the ridicule, it’s easier to be honest.

I’m not even really angry anymore.

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  1. Jen

    In some dysfunctional families, especially when at least one parent has borderline personality disorder, it is common for one child to be the “good child” and the other child to be the “bad child.” I know this from personal experience. The “bad child” receives the abuse, or most of the abuse.

    This might be difficult for some people to believe (that one child can be sacrificed in this way), but this behavioral dynamic is one of many described in the book _Understanding the Borderline Mother_ by Lawson (a clinical social worker). I recommend this book for anyone looking for a comprehensive explanation and greater understanding of a very serious and real issue.

    I’m not trying to diagnosis Brent, his sister, or his parents. I just wanted to bring about an awareness of a real issue: Sometimes only one child in a family is abused.

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