A vulnerable new man

By Brent Brents

Brents sent me this poem in July of 2005, shortly after he was sentenced and while coverage of his case was still rampant in the media. He enclosed this note:

“So There’s my Goofy Little poem. Im trying not to be emotional today. It is getting to be a drain on the toilet paper resource. You know happy sad happy sad. Crying all the while. I don’t want to shut off The feelings because then I start to feel like I did before and thats not good. No more Lies and deceite. I am dedicated to telling the truth and The old me is Just to easy to fall into.”

-Amy Herdy

January 30, 2010

Alone I sit
Here  in my cell
Reality has hit
Alone since twelve

My mind a prison
Freedom a mystery
Strange new wisdom
Look what I’ve done to me

How I have hurt you
Guilty Am I
Nothing did you do
my Life was a Lie

Lost long ago
A happy little dude
Wherever did he go
Searching for the truth

my heart is good
my mind is bad
I’d change if I could
Chances gone and past

I have a Goal
It’s Right and True
my story be told
It it helps one of you

This is my Life
The only one I’ve had
I have caused pain and strife
The Truth is sad

Afraid of Death I am not
of dying alone I am
This is me, I Deceive you not
A vulnerable new man.

-Brent Brents 7-20-05

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